Whatever your area of interest, the Boletus Plantoteque provides you with information about our wild and useful plants in words and pictures. We give you the names in various languages and in Latin. You get to learn a bit about how they were used in the past and present, from 


a medical (NOTE: No Boletus experiments!), cosmetic or culinary perspective. We at Boletus hope you have fun and succeed in the quest for the plants you are looking for!

/ Hydnum repandum recens

/ Hydnum repandum siccatus

/ Suillus granulatus siccatus

Chantarelle dried / Cantharellus cibarius siccatus

Chantarelle fresh / Cantharellus cibarius recens

King Bolete fresh / Boletus edulis recens

King Bolete in brine / Boletus edulis in brine

King Bolete dried industrial / Boletus edulis siccatus (industrial)

King Bolete dried naturally / Boletus edulis siccatus (natural)

Mitrophora semilibara dried / Mitrophora semilibara siccatus

/ Marasmius oreades siccatus

/ Pleurotus ostreatus siccatus

/ Cantharellus lutescens siccatus

Black morels fresh / Morchella esculenta recens

Black morels dried / Morchella conica siccatus

Black trumpet fresh / Craterellus cornucopioides recens

Black trumpet dried / Cratarellus cornucopioides siccatus

Lactarius deliciosus in brine / Lactarius deliciosus in brine

/ Cantharellus tubaeformis siccatus