Whatever your area of interest, the Boletus Plantoteque provides you with information about our wild and useful plants in words and pictures. We give you the names in various languages and in Latin. You get to learn a bit about how they were used in the past and present, from 


a medical (NOTE: No Boletus experiments!), cosmetic or culinary perspective. We at Boletus hope you have fun and succeed in the quest for the plants you are looking for!

Ash / Fraxinus ornus

Alder Buckthorn / Rhamnus frangula

The dried and matured bark is strongly laxative. Also used in the treatment of liver, spleen and gallbladder problems.

Oak / Ouercus robur

Lichen Islandicus / Cetraria islandica

Iceland moss is made up of two completely different plants, one fungus and one species of algae. For treating gastro-intestinal catarrh and an effective appetite stimulant. Also used within conventional medicine to treat bronchitis.

Common Alder / Alnus glutinosa

Lichen guercus / Evernia prunastri

/ Lobaria pulmonaria

/ Rhamnnus fallax (R.catharicus)

/ Rhus cotinus

Walnut-tree / Juglans regia (incleus perikarpium)

Silver birch / Betula pendula

Has been used for skin diseases and to treat skin parasites.

White willow / Salix alba