From Bosnia Herzegovina's rich edible flora, a great deal can be obtained to inspire and enrich the creative cuisine of fine restaurants and the foodstuffs industry.

A wide range of condiments
We can offer herbs to be used as condiments such as fennel and violet flowers as well as flowers more often used decoratively, such as sage and marigold. 
Many herbs, including elderberry, juniper and lemon balm are well suited as flavour enhancers in desserts.

Boletus also offers rich harvests of blueberries, raspberries, blackcurrants, wild strawberries, plums, walnuts and chestnuts, depending on the season.

Welcome to the "mushroom forest"
Our mushroom pantry is always well-stocked. We offer more than 30 varieties of morel, porcino, chanterelle, black trumpet, saffron milkcap, etc. Most are supplied dried, but the chanterelles and porcini are also fresh or in water.
Our product database is a convenient way to obtain quick and detailed  information about our large collection of wild food.