Many of our aromatic herbs and medicinal plants, dried or fresh, form the basis for the production of tea blends and healthy beverages.
Boletus' pickers harvest hundreds of different plants every season; plants which are growing in soil that is healthy pesticide free, and which are thriving on nature's own terms. These plants are processed by our customers into products – used for health and enjoyment!

From blackberries to wild strawberries
Leaves from raspberries, blueberries, wild strawberries and blackberries are fermented to be used in delicious and healthy teas.


This is also truth for berries, which become sensually rich vitamin kicks in teas, preserves and health drinks. We also wish to point out that sea buckthorn has become one of Europe's 'Super Fruits' with its rich content of vitamins A, C and E. Of all the world's berries, sea buckthorn is probably the one that contains the highest concentration of vitamins.
Our product database is a quick and convenient way for information about the useful plant species Boletus can offer. Here, you can also learn everything about their properties and the areas of use.